Local Search Optimisation

  • What is Local Search?
  • How can I get a Google Map listing?
  • How can I advertise in my local area on Google?

Not all businesses operate on an international or national level, many businesses work within much more of a local area. That’s why Bullseye Media have spent a lot of time looking into how to cater for such businesses.

Think about it like this, if you are plumber in Harrow or Brighton there is no point targeting Google.com and receiving traffic from New York!

Our Local Business Solution will ensure your website is optimised for your specific geographical target market to reach your local audience. By reaching your local customers you will notice your conversion rate increase dramatically.

Our Local Search Solution offers many of services offered in our Complete SEO Solution along with optimising for Google Maps and Google Local Business Centre to ensure your listing appears for searches in your local area.


To find out how our Local Search Solution can help deliver your services to the relevant audience please Contact Us.