PPC Management

PPC advertising is highly targeted and the results are quick and quantifiable. If managed correctly, PPC can be a very profitable way of driving targeted traffic to your website. The Bullseye Media team offers a complete end to end solution for Pay Per Click Management. Some of the areas covered by our PPC process include the following:

  • A fully managed Pay Per Click solution
  • In-depth research into your market and keywords
  • Full Account Creation
  • Conversion tracking set up and testing
  • Analytics setup and testing
  • An expert account manager
  • Tailor-made reporting and an online project management portal


The initial stage of any PPC campaign is to establish the goals of the campaign. They could be ROI, brand building, sign up rate or any other metric. Once we have established exactly what is required we will build a plan so we can hit our targets.


The planning stage is key and involves taking the information gathered in the consultation phase to plan the account structure in terms of verticals to target, keywords to bid on (and to avoid), tone of ad text and much more.

Account Build & Testing

The account is then created and populated with the agreed keywords and ad texts in the decided structure. All tracking is then implemented and thoroughly tested.

Account Optimisation

After the initial data collection phase our analysts work to ensure goals are met and the account is performing optimally. An analyst works on the account daily to ensure everything is in order.

PPC Reporting

Reporting is produced to the clients specification and can be provided as required. Our reports clearly show the specified metrics and a time line of results to ensure improvement over time.

Google Adwords Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Google is the number one search engine across most countries in the world, including the UK, the USA, Australia as well as most European countries. In fact, Google is used by around 80% of all Internet users.

The search engine giant develops its partner network by providing the AdWords professional certification – a globally recognised stamp of approval to state one’s knowledge of the latest AdWords tools and best practice techniques. Being one of the pioneers in the field of Internet marketing in the UK, Bullseye Media Ltd had no trouble going through the certification programme to become a Google Certified Partner.

You can send a request to us through Google or use our form Contact Us.

If you are interested in generating traffic from other search engines as well, Yahoo and Bing/MSN are second down the priority list to implement your campaigns on.

Yahoo and Microsoft MSN/Bing Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Struggling to compete with Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have teamed up to develop and promote their search engines together. But the advertising system you will need to use depends on the country you want your campaign in. If you are going to advertise in the USA, it will be Microsoft AdCenter, whilst if you need to advertise in Europe, it will be Yahoo Search Marketing.

Bullseyemedia has a wide experience of importing campaigns from Google Adwords and implementing them in both Yahoo and Bing. We don’t charge for the transfer of your Google Adwords campaigns.

Social media is extremely popular now and most advertisers cannot afford to miss out on the opportunity to use the PPC services provided by such social media giants as LinkedIn and Facebook.

LinkedIn Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

It should be noted the CPC in LinkedIn starts usually from £1.3 because it’s a professional network which is used by businesses, freelancers, top managers and employees to search for business contacts. LinkedIn Ads system has one disadvantage, that is, all advertising campaigns can be done only by an account owner. So if you want your campaign conducted by an expert, you’ll have to provide them with your login and password.

Facebook has a distinct advantage over LinkedIn in this matter as you can easily invite a PPC expert to do the advertising for you. By the way the cost per click in Facebook is lower than in LinkedIn.

Facebook Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Facebook is the biggest social network in the world that has more than 500 million active users and half of them log in on a daily basis. Facebook advertising is a fantastic option that can bring you great results while targeting specific user groups.

Analysis, Monitoring, and Reporting are based on Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a useful tool for analysing, monitoring and reporting on advertising campaigns of the most PPC systems such as AdWords, Yahoo/Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Of course, it should be set up and thoroughly customised first, but then you will get the necessary data to optimise your campaigns and improve your traffic quality.

Providing customised reports based on your particular requirements, we are committed to our customers’ satisfaction, always working to achieve results.

Re-evaluate your campaign with Bullseye on your side. Contact Us now to see how we can help with your PPC campaign.