Complete Search Engine Optimisation

Bullseye Media is a leading Search Engine Optimisation Company in London and our team of SEO Experts have the expertise and are always ready to offer a complete end to end SEO services and solution for your website. Some of the areas covered by our SEO professionals during the SEO process include the following:

  • A fully managed search engine optimisation solution
  • In-depth research into your market, keywords and competitors
  • Full On-Page optimisation
  • An expert link building campaign with transparent reporting
  • Analytics setup and testing
  • An expert account manager
  • Social Media guidance and account set-up (optional)
  • Tailor-made reporting and an online project management portal

Key Word and Key Phrase Research

Keywords are the structural bricks of Search Engine Optimisation. A site cannot be optimised if a thorough list of keywords has not been created. This requires research into your own site, audience and market. You must be able to pinpoint the exact purpose and audience of your online marketing campaign before you can choose the appropriate keywords for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Once you have the right keywords, making search engines notice your page as they begin crawling through millions and millions of internet pages is essential.

SEO Content Writing

Content is a key element of any SEO campaign. Your homepage, category and sub-category pages, as well as product or service pages should all be thought out carefully and targeted to capture relevant traffic and convert it. The relevant keywords in your content should also be reflected in your on-page changes for maximum effect. Copy should always be kept fresh and updated to be most effective.

On Page SEO

Effective Search Engine Optimisation will require changes to the source code and it may be incorporated into the structure and design of your overall site. Bullseye Media can assist you in transforming your web site into a successful and profitable means of online marketing.

Unlike many SEO companies, Bullseye Media can make all the necessary on-page SEO changes to your site as our team includes SEO developers – there is no need to pay another company to make development changes such as verifying and analysing the search engine friendliness of the site, adding meta tags, improving your URL structure, adding sitemaps, W3C and CSS Validation, improving the page load time and much much more.

Link building and Off Page Optimisation

Google, Yahoo and other search engines place significant importance on quality, authoritative links when determining search engine rankings. With a strong internal link building team at Bullseye Media, we are able to offer various methods of link building using only White Hat SEO methods.

SEO Reporting

Rather than offering a one size fits all report, a bespoke reporting option is offered to all clients. Through this you can track your keyword ranks, traffic, orders, revenue and much more. An account manager will discuss your requirements at the beginning of a project to ensure your targets and results are clearly defined and reported on. Contact Bullseye Media today to discuss your SEO requirements and we will undertake a free SEO analysis of your website.