You May Care About SEO, But They Still Don’t!

Despite the flood of Twitter, the constant shifting of the biggest search engine ever, Google, and the advent of newer concepts such as iPhone applications, many big companies still fail to recognize the importance of SEO. In an ironic twist, new surveys suggest Fortune 500 companies don’t recognize natural search visibility.

Instead, they spend millions of dollars each year on paid search campaigns. There are several amazing statistics concerning Fortune 500 companies and their search results as shown by a study released by Conductor, which is a SEO firm based in New York. Conductor found that an astonishing 15% of the Fortune 500 companies only have a “mid to strong presence” when it comes to their natural search results. This even includes the keywords that they tend to advertise the most. And that is when they spend around $3.4 million per day – not per year, per day – on over 97,000 keywords. It seems quite like someone on their end is not doing the correct research when it comes to SEO , as only 25% of the keywords actually appear in the natural search results, leaving behind over $2.5 million worth of keywords. Not surprising since about 53% have “natural search visibility for their most advertised keywords.” Fortune 500 companies spend so much, and yet they still fail to appear in the Top 100 results when a search is conducted. People may wonder how the Fortune 500 got where they are today given such statistics in today’s online-driven world, and as the market continues to shift, it will be interesting to watch the continued success or failure of these companies to get on the SEO train.

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