Yandex Sees 43% Revenue Growth and Increased Market Share

Just like China’s Baidu, Russia’s most popular search engine, Yandex, continues the struggle against Google’s world-wide supremacy, and quite successfully according to the latest reports.

At the beginning of every year most major companies produced their year-over-year reports, and so did Yandex, reporting to have achieved a 43% growth in revenue, reaching 12.5 billion roubles ($410 million). The great bulk of the company’s 2010 revenue came from contextual advertising, accounting for 88% of its profits. As opposed to the other advertising products offered by the company, contextual advertising grew by 45%, and the overall number of advertisers increased by more than 40%, amounting to over 180,000.

According to the Russian Association of Communication Agencies, in the first quarters of 2010 the Russian advertising market saw a growth of 14% overall and 37% for online! This shows that Yandex’s marked progress reflects the development of search advertising within the market in general, as well as demonstrates growth above the average in particular. Reinforcing this point, CEO, Arkady Volzh said, “The highlight of 2010, as we see it, is that by constantly improving our product quality we managed to increase our share of the search market. The considerable revenue increase we report this year reflects two important trends — a post-crisis revival of the small and medium-sized businesses and a shift in advertising expenditures from other channels towards online advertising.”

Considering the fact that Yandex is also present in other Eastern European countries such as Ukraine (27%), Kazakhstan (24%), it surely offers huge market opportunities for the companies interested in expanding to those markets. A few useful tips on optimising your website for Yandex you will find here.

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