Yahoo! is testing Bing-generated search results this month

Yahoo! is going to be testing Bing-powered results in its live search results this month! As we know, a while back Yahoo and Microsoft made a deal that will lead to Yahoo! results being powered by

Bing. In the eMail discussing some of the organic Yahoo!-to-Bing transition topics, Yahoo! confirmed that they were already testing the Bing-powered results offline earlier this month, however, the transition time line was kind of up in the air for a while until July 15th when Yahoo! officially announced: “Though much of our testing is already happening offline, this month we’ll also test the delivery of organic and paid search results provided by Microsoft on live Yahoo! traffic”.

So this testing must be taking place right now! The full switchover is expected to happen in August or September, provided that the trial period is successful.

Yahoo! stressed the significance of this change stating that according to comScore, Bing will eventually power 30% of the search queries globally on both paid and organic search. Last year, Yahoo! concluded a search advertising deal with Microsoft to abandon its own search technology and let Bing feed Yahoo! Search. Yahoo! CEO, Carol Bartz said then, that the company could not compete with Microsoft in search. Microsoft had proven it was willing to invest good money in search, while Yahoo! could not. As specified in the deal, Yahoo! will keep 88% of the search revenue generated off the websites it owns, while Microsoft gets the remaining 12%. “In essence, we can get virtually all of our search revenue at no cost because Microsoft wants to make the investment and wants to win. That just frees me up to invest in a better portal, better display, better advertising,” said Bartz.

So what do we do now that we know that Bing-powered results are being tested on Yahoo! this month? Well, there is no much cause for any concerns yet, as the testing is going to be on a small scale to start. Just keep an eye on your Yahoo! organic traffic as a curiosity. However, what the search engine marketers need to do is to make sure that when the full transition takes place, they will still be well-positioned organically for their keywords. If you’re getting a great deal of traffic from Yahoo!, you wouldn’t want to lose this traffic when Bing begins powering the search results, would you?

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