Writing Efficient Page Titles

One of the very important parts of any SEO campaign is creating effective page titles, because these are among the first pieces of text to be crawled by search engine bots when they come to visit your site. The page title therefore is a very significant ranking factor in SEO.

Crafting an efficient page title is real art as it has to pursue two major goals:
to boost click-through rate (a remarkable piece of your site listing in SERPs);
to reach higher rankings (a very important on-page factor as much as Google is concerned)
Thus crafting an optimized page title that will both promote rankings and work as a marketing description is by no means an easy task. By just listing your page keywords, you’re not going to reach either of these goals. So here are some useful guidelines to follow when creating a good page title:

- Page title should be concise (no more than 64 characters, otherwise it will cut off at the end)
- Use your targeted keywords in the page title
- Each page title must be original, the original part opening the title
- Page title must possess informational value (conforming to the page purpose)
- The page title of your home page should never include all of your keywords
- Create only semantically correct page titles (Google carries out a semantic analysis to make sure page titles are not spammy)
- Page titles should be catchy (appealing and memorable for humans)

It is no easy task to write effective page titles. Speaking generally, in order to do it you need to find the middle ground between keyword density, human readability and attractiveness so that your page title stands out from the stock.

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