World Cup Sponsors Missing Big Opportunity

The FIFA World Cup of Soccer is one of the biggest sporting events in the world, taking place every four years (with men and women on opposing years).  As the championship for the most popular game in the world, the World Cup presents a ripe advertising situation for the sponsors of the event, the top of which are Coca-Cola, Hyundai, Adidas, Emirates, and Sony.

Each has paid millions of pounds to sponsor the World Cup, but they are not really getting their money’s worth.

Social conversion and SEO company, Tamar, reports that the companies have failed to use SEO to capitalize on their association with the tremendously popular event.  Tamar looked at the visibility of these sponsors in organic search results and found that they are not making use of SEO strategies to make the most of their sponsorship.  This impedes their online marketing strategy and can result in them missing out on important and relevant keyword and search queries. Tamar reports that of the five major World Cup sponsors.

Adidas, who has only started to target key search terms, demonstrates perfectly the opportunity these companies are failing to cash in on.  Adidas didn’t make the top half of the search results page for “World Cup Ball.”  And they’re the ones making the World Cup balls.  Further, Tamar reports that the other sponsors have a “currently non-existent” presence online.  Emirates is at least targeting keywords now, and Sony, too, is moving in the right direction with PPC ads, but overall, much more can be done – and can be done relatively easily – to increase organic search rankings.  

Tamar search strategy director, Neil Jackson, says, “These companies all have the potential to use liberally the trademarked FIFA World Cup terminology. There is a huge volume of traffic surrounding these terms with massive spikes coming up in the near future.  These are all trusted brands with huge global investments in marketing, both online and offline, yet our findings indicated that they are failing to make the most of the unique online opportunities.”

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