What Can Google Real Time Do for You?

Late in August, Google launched a standalone page for real-time searches, appropriately called “Real Time Search.”  Social media has penetrated every aspect of the online experience, and more 

searchers are turning to sources like Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, and other social networking site for information. Not just information; information now.

Instead feeds, live coverage, Twittering the second a major event happens keeps people on the edge of any even they want to follow.

Google already incorporates results from social media sources into their regular results pages. Real Time Search, though, allows people to search only social media sites. How does this look? A searcher goes to Google.com/realtime.com for their social media search. Let’s say, for instance, you were interested in the weakening of the British pound and wanted to find not only information but different perspectives on the reasons, consequences, and when there will be a reversal.  You type in your search term, and your results appear. At the top of the page is a timeline which shows you when the term was used most.  Real time results appear as they happen from social media sites.

You can refine your search further: on the left side of the page are the options to search for results “nearby” your current location or “custom location” that you can choose.  This allows you to get the perspective of people in your area; if you are away, you can search listings from home to keep updated. Another convenient feature allows you to read entire Twitter conversations at a glance to keep up with what is happening now much more easily than trying to piece it together from your Twitter account.  When you click “view conversation,” you can follow a Tweet from oldest to newest to see how the conversation evolved.

This again underscores the need to incorporate social media into your SEO tactics and of keeping that Facebook or Twitter profile updated with new content, targeted keyword phrases, trending topics, and other relevant information people are searching for right now.

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