Using social bookmarkings to leverage your web presence

How about if your friends send emails to all their friends, and their friends keep cascading emails to their friends, and friends of the friends, recommending the amazing quality of your products and services? Soon enough, the whole world will celebrate you!

online presenceUnless you died and went to the marketing heaven, the earthly reality cannot match this utopia. For all that, social bookmarkings may come quite close. We could also name them peer-to-peer referral networks, because they run on input from „real people”, as opposed to the soulless algorithms of a search engine.

There are several things that can be shared and recommended on the social bookmarkings, depending on their specificity: websites, blogs, photos, videos, products, and content. A user can make their own list of favourites, and they can also view their friends and other users favourites. Bookmarkings can be searched by tags, keywords, category, most recent, or most popular.

There are hundreds of such services, and it is up to you if you want to invest time to sign in to all of them. Some examples of popular bookmarkings are: StumbleUpon, Delicious, Fave or BonzoBox. On AddThis, you can take a good look at all those social bookmarkings out there. They can be sorted by trends, popularity, regions, and the type of services they provide.

Among the benefits of using them, the most important ones are:

    • higher search engine ranking
    • inbound links
    • readership
    • influence
    • traffic
    • visibility.

However, some services may not allow a direct submission of your own website or blog, and require the users to do so. In this case, you can feature a “badge” on your site, to inspire your viewers to submit your page.

How to decide which social bookmarking is for you?

As with any other marketing activity you undertake, you start with narrowing down to those tools that can get your closer to your client base. Alexa offers an easy and direct way to find out more demographics and traffic statistics for each bookmarking.

In accordance with your online marketing goals, a good social bookmark should have a lot of traffic, focus on your market niche and be able to attract your target consumers. Periodically, you may want to measure their efficiency and stay tuned for new up-and-coming social bookmarkings, as their world proves to be quite volatile.

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