User Generated Content: A How To Guide

The value of user generated content, at least according to Google, is almost immeasurable. Adding it to your site can do amazing things for your rankings that other optimisation techniques simply can’t provide. The desire to include user generated content, though, and the ability to do so are two very different things. So, how do you get users to participate in your site? Here are a few tips that can help.

  • Feedback rocks! People love to offer their feedback. It makes them feel like they actually have a bit of input into your services or products in the future. Giving them a chance to give feedback on any part of your site is a great way to get them to participate. You may need to moderate what’s being posted, but in general, you’ll get constructive responses that will be as helpful for your brand as they will be for your optimisation programme.
  • Reviews rule! Sites like Amazon have been incorporating user reviews almost since their inception, and many shoppers expect to see reviews and ratings before they buy a product online, so ignoring the potential could be damaging for your site. It’s a platform for customers to rave about great products and bash the bad ones, and people love to become ace reviewers, so go ahead and let them express their feelings on your site.
  • Forums still helpful! Forums haven’t disappeared, even in the age of Facebook. Instead, many sites still find them a useful place for customers to interact, and it’s a natural way to incorporate user generated content into your site.

User generated content is a great way to increase organic search performance. This level of power is phenomenal, so if you haven’t yet considered it, it might be time!

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