How to Use Google Review Extensions for Higher Search Visibility

Thumbs UpIt took a long time for this service to be given the green light, but the good news for businesses internet-wide is that Google is now providing the opportunity to make a better first impression with Google Review Extensions.  Why does Google want to give businesses the right to publish reviews as part of their Adwords snippets?  The reasoning is simple – Google serves the search user and reviews give that user more information about the products or services he is seeking.

Be Sure Your Review is Relevant As always, Google does have some rules in place to ensure that you are not planning to abuse the system.  One of these regulations is that the reviews that you use for this purpose must be made within the past twelve months, so don’t try pulling up that amazing testimonial from five years ago.

Size Matters Ah, the statement that we all hate to hear applies more than ever when it comes to Google Review Extensions.  There is a significant length limit to the reviews used.  Those used for this purpose can be no more than 67 characters long.

Better to Be Broad While all positive reviews are meaningful, the best used for the Google Review Extensions are those that are all-encompassing.  That is to say that you should opt for testimonials that speak to the company as a whole, rather than a specific product or component of your business.

Know Your Way Around In order to make Google Review Extensions work for you, you have to know how to implement them.  In your Adwords account, there is a tab entitled ‘Ad Extensions’.  For this menu, choose ‘+Extension’ and then the campaign that you want to apply the review to.  Google will want to know if you are listing an exact quote or a paraphrased review, but otherwise installing the extension is simple.  Type in the quote or the URL where it can be found and save.

It should be noted that, as with ads, Google must review your extension entry before it will be seen by the masses.  How you enter the testimonial will make a difference in how long the review process takes.  It has been noted that campaign-wide extensions are generally processed faster than those used for a single ad group.  The minimal time and effort required are well worth it.  The addition of a review at the end of your snippet can improve the first impression that others form upon seeing it, which can lead to great click through rates and a better return on investment.

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