Twitter Search and SEO

In case you still don’t use Twitter in your client’s SEO campaign  then it’s high time that you stopped and reconsidered your social media efforts at length.

Twitter is currently developing its search engine to index not only the text in tweets, but to crawl the links found in tweets and have the crawled pages indexed, too. Everyone knows how big Twitter is now and how fast it’s growing even bigger and bigger so it’s highly unlikely that you would want to miss out on such a great opportunity. It’s obvious that if you want to reach success you also want to have your sites indexed in Twitter Search as much as in Google. This is not to say that Twitter is going to replace Google someday but the power of Twitter Search is all about having a “live” search engine that people continually use.

The only problem we see here is that we should expect spam to begin flooding Twitter very soon, but after all that is inevitable and it’s Twitter’s pain in the neck. They’ll just have to figure out a way to filter off all the noise. As for the folks who want to make the best of Twitter Search but have no plans of spamming, you can do the following:

- Start establishing your reputation on Twitter. This is essential because Twitter is going to have a reputation-based ranking system soon.

- Extending your network. Of course it overlaps with building your reputation. – Link-dropping. The key is to employ appropriate methods here. Never resort to spamming! Just start tweeting people and somehow steering the topic so you or they can drop desired link.

- Be current. Update your site more regularly with information that’s worth tweeting. Sure you can link-drop all you want but people won’t appreciate it if there’s nothing new and interesting to pass on. Keep in mind, Twitter is all about the present.

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