Twitter Keeps Growing at a Fast Clip, comScore Says

According to the latest report from comScore, the renowned web analytics company, Twitter usage is growing at a mind-boggling rate around the world. The company’s 

research showed that in June nearly 93 million Internet users worldwide visited, which is an increase of 109% over the previous year. The micro-blogging giant is seeing increased traffic from international markets, particularly in Latin America (up 305%) and Asia Pacific (up 243%).
Interestingly, all the regions studied except North America showed triple-digit growth. Indonesia reported the highest Twitter penetration (the ratio of Twitter users to internet users), with 20.8 percent of Internet users in the country visiting that month, followed by Brazil and Venezuela.

Visitation to by Global Regions
June 2010 vs. June 2009
Total Audience, Age 15+ – Home & Work Locations*
Source: comScore Media Metrix
Unique Visitors (000)
Jun-09 Jun-10 % Change
Worldwide 44,520 92,874 109
Latin America 3,792 15,377 305
Asia Pacific 7,324 25,121 243
Middle East – Africa 2,058 4,987 142
Europe 10,956 22,519 106
North America 20,390 24,870 22


Of course, comScore’s studies do not include like Tweetdeck or Twhirl, and they don’t count visits from mobile phones and PDAs or public computers (such as cyber cafes).

“ has experienced an explosion in global traffic over the past year, establishing itself as one of the most-visited social networking sites across each of the five worldwide regions,” said comScore’s vice president, Graham Mudd. “Today nearly 3 out of 4 global Internet users access social networking sites each month, making it one of the most ubiquitous activities across the web. As more users around the world have become acquainted with connecting and expressing themselves through social media, it has created an environment where new media like Twitter can emerge globally in a relatively short period of time.”

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