Tweet Button Increases Social Mentions

Social media is a bit like high school. Ok, it is very much like high school. Appearances matter, and who you know matters. Who knows you is incredibly important. How popular are you?  In the BrightEdge September SocialShare report, it was found that websites that feature the Twitter share button had 7 times the exposure via social media than those that did not. So why is it that fewer than half of the top 10,000 websites incorporate this feature?

It is clear from the report, as well as from anecdotal evidence, that social sharing buttons can be tremendously powerful. Ryan Sarver, Director of Platform at Twitter, says, “These are simple, free tools that can drive real ROI for any site.” Sites that used the Twitter button had an average of 27 online mentions versus four for those without.

It is equally clear, however, that they are grossly underutilized. It would be the equivalent of offering physical stores free advertising with a virtually guaranteed ROI. Why would they turn that down? They wouldn’t.

One of the problems with social media is that it may still be unclear to businesses. How do you use it correctly? How do you convert friends and fans to customers and website traffic? How does social media boost your bottom line? Some still are not sure of the benefit. Sharon Machlis responded to the BrightEdge report in a ComputerWorld blog. “But can you then conclude that simply adding a Twitter share button will drive 7 times more mentions? Of course not.” She argues that the sites with buttons may simply have more visitors. “Social networking best practices are certainly advisable;” she writes. “But so is remembering that rule of Statistics 101: Correlation does not mean causation.”

It remains, though, that social media offers very easy, free tools, like the Twitter share button, Facebook Like, and +1 that have the potential to increase visibility. They can help – why not use them?

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