Tracking Your Social Media ROI

Think social media is taking up a bit more of your time than you’d like? It’s certainly possible, especially when you start to break things down by the numbers. Understanding exactly what your social media ROI looks like could help you sculpt your efforts in the upcoming year.

A good place to start is with metrics tools. There are lots of them floating around out there. HootSuite has come good ones, as does Social Mention and Clout. Facebook Insights is another great choice. This level of data is likely to get overwhelming fast, so you may want to understand a bit more about what you’re looking for before you dive in.

Simply evaluating your interactions can also be a solid way to measure your ROI. Look at what customers are saying, what they’re posting, which videos they’re linking to. It can help you understand what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong, and how people respond to your overall efforts.

One final way to track your social media ROI is to look at the site analytics themselves. Look at how many people end up on your site thanks to your various social media channels. If necessary, you may want to contrast that data against the information you get from your PPC campaign.

The best way to measure your ROI in the world of social media may be a combination of techniques. There aren’t any comprehensive tools that are going to do everything for you, but developing your own methodology over time can help you look at how much you’re getting out of these platforms that you pour so much time and effort into.

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