Top SEO Apps on iPhone

Knowing how your website performs is essential to your ROI. Few of us, though, have the time to consistently follow a plan to check site rankings. Fortunately, there’s an app for even that.

SEO Ranking: Quick and easy, with just a few keywords you can check out your search engine results and displays a simple line graph in order for you to get a visual on how your site is doing.

Analytics SEO App: Almost like checking on your Google Analytics account. With this app, you can examine multiple domains, as well as 45 other reports that display everything from percentages to traffic graphs.

Poke SEO: Simple yet efficient. This iPhone app checks page ranks by using Google’s PageRank algorithm. It also offers up backlink numbers from the four major search engines: AOL, Bing (MSN), Google, and Yahoo.

proSEO: A small app with plenty for you to do, here you can actually break down the source code, allowing you to get a full analysis. It also has a “Body Text Analysis” for even more details. This app is a bit pricier than others, but for some it may be well worth it.

Checking on your page using an app is simple, and more detailed apps are on the way with the US release of the iPad and the consistently changing smartphone market, so if these aren’t working for you, keep a close eye out for the next app.

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