Tips for a Social Media Audit

Questionnaire 2Website audit should be a regular event for any webmaster or business owner. You need to get a look under the hood and see what could be improved, and, no matter how good you are, there are usually errors present and elements that can be fixed. But what about your social media presence? Many of us neglect to conduct an audit of this essential part of our marketing and branding strategies. Why should you do a social media audit, and how do you go about it?

Taking the time to assess your social media strategy and performance is critical in helping you stand out from competitors, improve visibility, engage your audience, and create fresh, relevant content. It will help you target a strategy that will work for your brand goals and reach consumers more effectively and efficiently.

Start by asking yourself a series of questions about why you are in social media:

  • What are you hoping to accomplish?
  • Which goals or strategies do social media help you achieve?
  • What is our target audience interested in? What are their wants/needs, and are we fulfilling them with our social media presence?
  • Are we in the right place? Is our audience on Facebook or will Twitter be a better use of our focus? You do not have to be everywhere; you have to be where your audience is.

You can use analytics programs to track your engagement. Facebook, for instance, offers Insights to let you track your page’s performance, and Twitter recently unrolled their own “Analytics” tool. Take advantage and see what the numbers are telling you.

Go through each of your social accounts and check for the basics: is the “About” information complete? Do you have your address, phone number, and hours (critical if you are a local business)? Do you have a good profile picture, avatar, or logo?

You want to check to make sure that the nuts and bolts of your presence are in place, and then you can move on to integration. Do you make it easy for a Facebook visitor, for instance, to navigate to your website? On your website, do you have social sharing buttons? Do you make it easy to share content? Ideally, you want a cohesive, seamless online presence.

Checking in with your social media presence every quarter or so is good practice because you stay connected and can spot issues early on. Improvement is always possible, but you need an audit first.

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