The True Value Of SEO

The ongoing argument around SEO’s complexity or lack thereof is quite amusing. On the one side of the argument people claim that SEO is not so hard to get the hang of, that it doesn’t make much difference, and if you are unwilling to run risks, then you would be safe doing it on your own. Proponents of the other side of the argument assert the opposite, evidently justifying their own services.

One cannot entirely comprehend a search engine’s algorithm, and it’s not what an SEO agency should try to accomplish. Instead, an SEO agency must look for the key content elements on pages and other Web factors that can bring their client’s Web site to rank favourably in the natural search listings. Nowadays, these elements and factors are widely known. Just by following search engines’ guidelines and doing some research online you may be able to figure out what elements and factors make up the core of SEO.

 There is hardly a company out there that hasn’t performed SEO either for themselves or done so with the help of an agency. So generally the marketplace is already familiar with the ‘core’ of practicing SEO. This makes us ask even a bigger question. What is the real importance of a search marketing agency? While some agencies may have trouble answering this question, we view the response as quite simple. An SEO agency’s true value is realized through the following:

 Analysis, Cause & Effect

 Agencies provide SEO services for many different clients at the same time, and are continuously keeping track of numerous statistics for their every client. If something goes wrong with your natural search visibility, the volume of data available to the SEO agency will help track down the root cause of your decline. 

 Support and Prioritization

 SEO requires the assistance and collaboration of multiple departments, such as legal, editorial and IT. Each of these departments has their own priorities, they mind their own business, and rarely sit around waiting for your instructions. Using its experience gained through working with a variety of clients, an SEO agency can facilitate cross-departmental collaboration by building a business case for required resources. This means devising a step-by-step plan with SEO initiatives included for the actual requirements of the other departments.


Utilizing SEO services on even a larger scale for purposes of demand generation is a great way to establish growth. For instance, you might think of developing an online game or even some unique tool. Such ‘tools’ can help create awareness for your brand, products or services; awareness which leads to demand and of course online searchers.

The search engines are no longer the only places on the Internet to attract millions of people, that’s why it is important to try and go beyond one’s reach. You may want to consider some social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace or YouTube, etc. To be able to perform beyond the core most effectively requires a comprehensive experience in doing so for many companies of various industries, sizes, and business models. Such experience will be incredibly hard to leverage unless you’re outsourcing SEO.

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