The Need for Mobile SEO Strategies

Mobile SEO strategies are not an option that businesses and organizations can afford to forgo:  there are over 5 billion cell phone users in the world, and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) estimates that the number of mobile broadband subscriptions would rise from 600 million in 2009 in over a billion in 2010.

 ITU Secretary-General Hamadoun Toure says, “I am confident that we will continue to see a rapid uptake in mobile cellular services in particular in 2010, with many more people using their phones to access the internet.”  In many areas of the world, cell phones are the primary source of internet access. This makes mobile SEO a top priority for the coming year.

 The trend towards climbing mobile internet access shows no signs of slowing, and despite small screens and occasionally slow or spotty connections, smartphone users are demanding that the online business world keep up. It is crucial when considering SEO strategies to understand that mobile searchers are not the same as computer searchers.  Not only are the devices different, the method and goal of searching varies.  For instance, a mobile user will more likely want on-the-go directions to a local restaurant or driving directions.  Not being optimised for mobile devices is a danger for online businesses, who risk being passed over by hurried searchers.

 Designing fast, lightweight, goal-oriented mobile sites is key, as is utilizing mobile SEO tactics.  Because mobile searchers tend to want fast, simple results, give them fast, uncluttered pages.  Use images sparingly and keep the content simple and direct.  Use a mobi validator to ensure that your site is mobile-ready.  Use one keyword per page, an optimised page title, meta description, header tag, and body text.  Make sure anchor text is rich in keywords.

 To target locality-specific mobile users, make sure your site lists addresses and phone numbers and include your site in Google’s Local Business Center and other local directories.  Usability is the key factor in making your site work for mobile users.  Simple, straight-forward, and uncluttered is ideal.  Save the graphic-heavy content for computers.

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