The Importance of Getting Your Customers to Understand SEO

When it comes to SEO, there are still so many people who are sceptical about it or even downright loathe it, thinking SEO is just about knowing how to cheat search engines. And with so many parasitic scam companies, that have no knowledge or experience in anything search-engine-related, it’s the responsibility of well-established ethical SEOs to fix the negative reputation and make the industry more respect-worthy.

Every industry has fraud companies that make fast money by fooling people, and the SEO industry is no exception. Moreover, since most people have no clear idea of what SEO is all about, they often feel cheated when they don’t get the desired results fast enough. That is why, reiterating for a 1000th time, we want to bring home to everyone that SEO is very different from advertising. Understand that the SEO results are not achieved instantly. The SEO efforts can pay off only over a period of time (at least 6 to 12 months), but it’s a valid marketing strategy that gives you the benefits of stability in the long run.

So educating your clients on the basics of SEO is the best way to gain the right reputation for the industry. All ethical SEOs should take their time to educate the client about what search engine optimisation is, by revealing and properly describing the on-page and off- page methods the SEO company is going to apply. The companies that won’t give you an insight into their methods, are not to be trusted at all, whilst companies which are open and honest about their techniques usually generate a lot of enthusiasm and co-operation from the client. And when the client is enthusiastic and willing to cooperate, your SEO should win the trust and confidence of the client, and the results of your campaign will be achieved with a win-win situation for the both parties.

To sum up, the change in attitude and approach must come from both sides – from the SEOs as well as the companies who hire them for the value of added visibility and high rankings on the search engines. Moreover, since often the client himself is SEO’s greatest enemy, it is in every SEO company’s best interest to make sure their clients understand the basic SEO methods and processes.

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