The Buzz on Google Buzz

First there was Facebook and MySpace. Then came Twitter. Now Google, the monolith that continues to grow, has developed Google Buzz. It is an interesting mix, utilising the sharing abilities of online social sites with the constant flow and in the moment style of Twitter.

Google Buzz takes in the popular sites and styles and blends them all into one social network that is utilized through Gmail.

Understanding Google Buzz Google Buzz allows individuals to share information and photos in a very public setting, and it also allows comments related to that information. It’s microblogging and social networking in harmony.

Why Bother With This Technology? You can actually use this technology bliss to your advantage in some of the same ways that businesses have utilized Twitter. In fact, because Google indexes Twitter posts, it allows businesses to showcase themselves to even more people.

Google is currently very much a blended search engine, delivering not only webpages, but video and images and many other results. Google Buzz will allow for even more blending, but what any company really should pay attention to is the simple fact that Google Buzz will be show items in real time results, just as Twitter means real time information from many people. While Twitter seemed to take off like a rocket, it was actually around for a few years before becoming noticed by the media. Google Buzz is already obtaining notice.

By using sites such as, you can check out some of the most popular keywords already being used. Combining links, profiles, and the fact that each comment (similar to a Twitter “tweet”) is sent directly to people’s inboxes makes for more reasons to take a serious look at stepping into the Buzz.

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