Use Twitter to Improve Your Brand’s Reputation Online!

As an online business, it is so essential to stay in touch and up-to-date with what your customers are talking about. How else are you going to tap directly into your customers’ needs to attract them to your brand?

Fortunately, with the modern advancements in social media, you no longer have to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to invest in expensive market research to find out what your demographic is looking for and who they are buying from.

You can take matters into your own hands by creating a social media presence so that you can converse, interact, and win the trust of your customers.

One of the main social media websites to establish a presence on is Twitter. This is a social media platform that is by the people and for the people, and you can find out what your customers are talking about and which brands they are gravitating to in real-time. This information will allow you to become a part of the masses by establishing your presence, making it much more likely that your customers will trust you and turn to you for products and services over your competition.


Here are some important statistics about Twitter to keep in mind: [1]

·         Twitter has over 100 million registered users and growing.

·         Over 300,000 Twitter users sign up per day.

·         180 million unique Internet users visit Twitter each month.

·         75% of traffic on Twitter comes from third-party applications.

·         The Twitter search engine receives roughly 600 million searches each day.


As you can clearly see, Twitter is a nonnegotiable marketing tool if you want to get in touch with your audience directly. While it is essential to have a solid search engine optimization strategy to create a long-term foundation for your online business, a social media marketing presence will immediately boost your visibility and drive traffic to your website.

Here are important Twitter benefits to keep in mind for your online business:

· Participate in the conversation. You can search for keywords like your business’s name or products in the Twitter search tool to find out what your customers are talking about. You then have the ideal opportunity to participate in conversations, answer questions, and best represent your brand to your customers. Where else do you have the chance to jump right in with your demographic and gain their trust and loyalty for the long-term?

· Cultivate relationships. If you are able to be genuine and transparent on Twitter, you have the power in your hands to cultivate loyal relationships with your customers. This simple approach will attract even more followers to you by establishing credibility and building trust in your brand. Many customers are reluctant to trust in online businesses, but when you are able to put a face to your brand name, engage in conversation, and establish connections, you can quickly set yourself up for longstanding success and visibility online.

· Improve your brand awareness. A growing number of Twitter users rely on Twitter specifically to follow brands and companies of interest. These users are often on the lookout for freebies, specials, deals, and promotions, so you can develop a large following of users by promoting your own specials on Twitter. This free method of advertising will attract customers to your social media profile to ultimately visit your website if they are interested in the specials your company has to offer.

· Establish yourself as an authority. If you are a business with an active blog, you can publish this content directly to Twitter for your followers. To take it to the next level, you can also link to other relevant sources of news and information within your industry to establish yourself as an authority. This is truly one of the only effective ways to stand out from the competition around you. By establishing yourself as an expert, your customers will automatically begin to trust you and turn to you for news and information. This is a truly powerful strategy to stand out above your competition and generate even more sales.

· Manage your brand reputation. Twitter is a source of breaking news, and Twitter users will often discuss events as they are happening. This means that if there is negative feedback or bad publicity about your brand circulating on Twitter, then thousands of users could find out within a matter of minutes. This is precisely why it pays to have a solid reputation on Twitter and keep tabs on your business so that you can jump into the conversation, provide factual information, and stop bad press before it starts.

Yes, Twitter is a free social media website to join, but the presence and buzz that you can create for your business will be invaluable.


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