Online Reputation Management

Do you know if your customers are happy with your product or service? Do you know what they are saying about how they feel? Are these comments spreading like wildfire online? Is your online reputation helping to grow your brand or destroying it?

Consumers use forums, online reviews, blogs and other online sources to let others know how they feel about products. As a growing number of potential purchasers become more educated about investigating products before purchasing, it has become paramount individuals and companies protect their brand.

So how does Online Reputation Management work? Well it is a combination of Search Engine Marketing, Public Relations and brand growth. Putting yourself in the mind of a consumer can often help figure out how they would find out about you. For most it would be doing a Google search for your brand name or product. Rarely would a searcher look beyond the second page of results. If you did the same for your brand would you be happy about what you found?

There are of course also tools available to help monitor mentions of your brand online. Monitoring is the first step in Reputation Management. Knowing what is being said as it is said allows you to take the appropriate action.

To take the appropriate action you must know your landscape. You need to know which sites add value to your brand and which are detrimental. There are different ways of dealing with different types of site. For example complaints on well known industry relevant sites could be handled by directly addressing the issue and responding in a helpful manner. In contrast some sites are there just for the purpose of attacking or ‘flaming’ brands and are often used by competitors to damage your brand. These can not always be dealt with directly   and other methods maybe necessary such as taking legal action or using PPC to promote your own counter-attack site.

So how can Bullseye Media Help Manage Your Reputation?

  • We would build a profile of your online landscape to highlight problem areas and areas of strength.
  • Put the appropriate tools in place to monitor what is being said about you online through blogs, forums, social media sites and more.
  • Deal with negative comments in the appropriate way.
  • Increase your companies profile in a positive manner using social media sites, Press Releases and Search Engine Marketing.

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