Buzz Monitoring

Social Media has exploded into a leading medium of Internet Marketing and companies should embrace it if they hope to acquire and retain today’s demanding Internet savvy consumer. 

Whether you like it or not people are likely to be discussing your brand online. Positive buzz helps your brand grow and brings more revenue in, negative buzz can destroy a brand. Bullseye Media can help by monitoring buzz, highlighting positive and negative sentiment and reporting it to you as often as necessary.
While many software solutions offer endless reams of data and alerts, this can and usually does, overwhelm the recipient and most of the important alerts are overlooked. Bullseye Media is able to offer an Account Managed solution ensuring all important issues are dealt with immediately.

Our Buzz Monitoring service can help you:

  • Monitor your brand.
  • Monitor your competitors’ brand.
  • Prepare market research.
  • Develop your products through customer interaction and feedback.
  • Respond to unhappy customers leaving feedback in the public domain.
  • Measure online sentiment.
  • Communicate with your customers directly.

Our reporting is tailored to provide the exact data you require, we can include as much or as little as required.

For more information about our Buzz Monitoring and Social Media services, Contact Bullseye Media today.