Social Media for Business

Does every business need social media? No. Does yours? It depends. If you own or manage any type of consumer-driven, retail business, you need to be taking advantage of social media. It is not that social translates into direct sales in a substantial way, but it does help drive traffic and help you engage with customers.

Most consumers now expect some type of presence on social media sites, including Facebook, and more are turning to these forums in order to resolve customer service questions . This is particularly true when they have a technical problem; it is easier, faster, and more convenient for the consumer, so make sure that the same is true for your business. A majority of the time, however, the issue is not resolved, so a live help call is the next step. This costs money that could be saved with a greater focus on online customer service. This is an area that businesses in a customer-oriented industry need to concentrate on in coming years.

According to Jennifer Fair of MMI Public Relations, “If that need for a response is not met, this has the potential to escalate into increased complaints on social networks and a poor public impression of company. If customers are pleased with companies, however, they can also use Facebook to praise those companies, leading to a more positive public perception.” Responding to complaints and comments – positive or negative – is crucial.

Zappos topped the list of companies with stellar social media customer service (according to Mashable). What does this retailer do that appeals to consumers? Zappos focuses on creating authentic connections. They do not sell or promote themselves, which is the worst way to win friends and influence people. They know that the internet gives everyone a voice, and this means that they listen to consumers. What are they saying on blogs and social networks? Every interaction is a chance to reach a customer, not to sell, but to establish a positive relationship.

What can your business do to create a friendly, effective presence on social media networks?

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