Social Media Branding Tips

Does your business have a social media presence? Are you on Twitter or Facebook? The answers to these questions is probably “yes.” More businesses are taking advantage of the broad reach that social media has; it is a way to interact and engage with a target audience. Branding yourself in social media is crucial. Here are some tips to help.

  •          Keep it short. Everything about social media should be short and sweet.  If you are using Twitter, for instance, choose a name that won’t get in the way of retweets.
  •          Create a username that is as close to your brand name as possible. If the exact match is taken, try a close variation – but do not randomize it with extraneous letters. For instance, if your brand name is Sally’s Shoes, but “sallysshoes” is taken, don’t then opt for “sallyshoes12439.” Try “shoesbysally” or “sallyshoes” or “sallysshoe.”
  •          Grow your following organically. Do not opt to use services that offer to get you 100 or 1,000 followers for a fixed price. This is not quality traffic. You will be far better served spending a little time interacting, retweeting, and following others in your niche or field and accruing a natural following.
  •          Do a search now and then to make sure that other accounts are not using a similar brand name and pretending to be affiliated with you. Twitter will remove these accounts. This is more of a concern for larger companies than small, but it never hurts to do that vanity search now and then to be sure.
  •          Create really good content. Retweet judiciously, and pass on only excellent and noteworthy content. You can build a name for yourself as a creator of content, but there is also room for “curators,” or people who point the way to worthwhile resources. If your followers come to trust you as a resource like this, you will earn more loyalty.

It takes time to brand yourself in the social media world, particularly as its use among businesses grows. Slow and steady: get out there and start building your name. No one else is going to do it for you!

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