Simon Cowell Hoping for Some SEO Magic?

Simon Cowell is a love him or hate him type of person; particularly numerous are those among the latter group, especially hapless contestants who have been on the wrong side of his sharp tongue. 

Buzzing around the SEO community is word that Cowell may be trying to use optimisation techniques to enhance his online image and show a newer, kinder side. While his UK spokesperson Ann-Marie Thompson says she smells a “conspiracy theory” at work, SEO SEO makes perfect sense for the music mogul.

Those who think that Cowell is relying on SEO to increase positive search results point to the top Google results, which are heavily Cowell-friendly.  The New York Daily News reports that you have to “ wade through a good 20 pages of positive and innocuous links such as “’Wayne Newton writes fan letter to Simon Cowell’.”

They also point out that posts critical of the former American Idol host are harder to find.  Hans Ebert, for instance, wrote a blog post entitled, “Why ‘American Idol” Is Better Off Without Simon Cowell,” in which he called Cowell the “Sarah Palin of music” and “horribly uncool.”  Ebert apparently found that his post had been deactivated by host, WordPress, for violating the terms of condition.  It was reinstated 12 hours later – not soon enough to avoid attention and bring on claims that Cowell used SEO to drive results like Ebert’s down.

What is interesting is that there is a rather accusatory tone to these rumors, as if SEO were underhanded and that Cowell was using it to trick people into believing he is a nice guy. Nothing is further from the truth – about SEO, that is. SEO can benefit every business, website, and high-profile individual. Using it to your advantage is not trickery – it is business acumen. And it is increasingly necessary in today’s tough marketplace, whether you’re selling music, art, clothing, or simply your reputation.

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