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Beware of people selling the secret of saving money. If they cared for your bank account, wouldn’t they altruistically offer their sage advice? While financial advice is indeed a valuable commodity, one has to wonder about vague, self-described “revolutionary” claims, such as the ones presented by SEOn Trial.

This new “report” claims to shatter the secret of SEO, the ones “they” don’t want you to know about. If you’re “they,” then you certainly want to know what secrets you’ve been keeping, don’t you? Let’s see.

“Who wants a high search engine ranking in Google…Guaranteed/ Without wasting money on useless SEO? Let me show you how to get masses of FREE traffic to ALL your websites.” Excellent! Just hand over $37, and you’ll hear “Shocking hard core evidence that will leave you gasping for breath” and “how the Gurus have been lying to us. And to think some thought SEO wasn’t exciting. The author, Oz (as in Wizard of), claims you can order a copy of SEOn Trial and start saving hundreds immediately.

A post on another site entitled, “Has the SEO Bubble Burst?” gushes: “The SEOn Trial report is written in such simple and engaging language that one doesn’t need to be a Search Engine Optimization expert to get to grips with the content. It looks like at long last there is hope for ordinary folk like you and me to get our websites to the top of the search engines.”

The danger of this farce is that “ordinary folk” will cease, or fail to start, solid SEO efforts, buy a useless report with exaggerated language and claims, and be out $37 – in addition to the traffic they’ve lost by pulling established, effective optimisation strategies.  This report is very similar to a mystery diet which will have you shedding pounds in days.  You just need to pay for the secret.  And too often the secret is something you knew, something you already do, or something that doesn’t work.  Advise website owners and operators to steer clear of this report and continue with effective SEO.  It may cost more than $37, but you are getting real traffic in return.

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