SEO Press Release

Connect with the World Faster by utilising Press Releases – the benefits in today’s media culture are two-fold:

  • Media Exposure
  • Powerful SEO Results

Not just any press release will do, though. Meaningless announcements will damage your company’s image, but Bullseye Media can help.

The Right Release – The Right Timing

There are lots of reasons your company might need a press release. Perhaps you have an event coming up. A new partnership is about to form. You have a new product line. The content of the release doesn’t have to revolutionise the way you do business, but it should be interesting at the very least, and Bullseye Media can help you identify which events need releases and how to get them out there.

SEO Benefits, Really?

Not only are today’s releases a good way to grab the media’s eye, but they can also hook the search engines as well, because they give you a level of visibility for your chosen keywords. What’s more, they offer great backlinks for your site and create Google Alerts emails based on the topic of your release. The best releases appear on the news pages for all of the major search engines, and that’s a level of visibility that means a lot to most companies.

SEO is Easy, Right?

In the early days of optimisation, stuffing as many keywords in as possible was the key to success, but it takes a bit more finesse these days. Great SEO press releases require journalistic writing skills paired with the right research, and that’s where Bullseye Media really shines. Our proven SEO strategies combine with high quality text to offer media outlets a release ready for the headlines of the day.

The Process

Every one of our releases starts with an eye-catching headline laden with keywords to grab readers everywhere. We hit the point early so readers don’t lose interest, then carefully link keywords to the right areas of your site. If suitable landing pages aren’t available, we’ll create them for you. Throughout every release, we add in attention-grabbing quotes that are easily extracted for journalists and other media outlets that help condense the material inside the release. After the release is ready, we sprinkle in some of the best SEO techniques in the business, and send it to all of the most appropriate release agencies.

Ready for Powerful, SEO-Enhanced Press Releases? Let Bullseye Media Help.