SEO: Uses Beyond Business

Search Engine Optimisation has undeniable benefits for many of our clients as well as businesses around the country.  Moving a site into the top of the natural results can be a boon for site traffic. A high ranking translates into more site hits, which begets better business.  However, there are uses for SEO that reach beyond business practises.

 The recent disaster in Haiti has shown the world a new use for SEO.  Local technology was fairly limited prior to the earthquake and all but obliterated afterwards.  Those on-site had few resources for getting information about survivors to the rest of the world.  The rest of the world had to wait for tidbits of news as they were slowly dished out.

 Search engine giant Google and its associated tools were put to use to aid the devastated island nation.  Google Earth was used by relief workers to navigate the broken streets of the capital city, Port-au-Prince.  Google’s People Finder app allowed users to both post and search for information about survivors and victims via the Internet.  Relief agencies added articles and posts about their humanitarian efforts to aid the Haitian people.  This helped push the agencies’ sites to the top of the results pages for popular search terms like “Haiti relief” and “Haiti help.” News outlets were able to provide links on their sites pointing to non-profit agencies like the Red Cross and Compassion International, which bolstered their rankings and gave them much needed publicity. In this case, the point was not to bring in profit but rather make compassionate donors aware of the best ways for them to help.

Creating awareness is what SEO does best, and that’s part of the reason we push it when we speak with new clients.  In this case it was helping create awareness not only of the disaster itself but also how to provide aid to its victims.  If utilising SEO can help create, in a matter of days, a world-wide awareness of a natural disaster and its aftermath, just imagine what this powerful tool can do for your business’ website. Contact us today to find out how SEO can help you.

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