What is SEO and why is it important

What is SEO? The contraction stands for "search engine optimisation", which refers to the practice of taking everything unnecessary away from your site; and ensuring your site contains everything it needs in order to be visible and attractive to search engine spiders. The benefits of SEO are measurable in increased traffic and enhanced sales. Knowing how to SEO is vital for small businesses looking to maintain a profitable presence on the web.

A well optimised site gets indexed frequently and accurately by search engine spiders. Search engines look at the search engine index to determine what sites are relevant to the queries they are following. Your site has to do certain things, and not do other things, in order for it to be indexed properly.
The techniques that lie behind this simple answer to the question "what is SEO" are enormously varied: which gives you multiple angles to exploit in a web marketing programme. Aside from the obvious benefits of SEO (heightened sales and visibility), this flexibility is one of its primary advantages. You can learn how to SEO in multiple ways and they’ll all give you an in to the market you are trying to conquer.

The fundamentals of SEO are as follows:

  • Have a simple site design that is easy to navigate.
  • Have clearly structured content that is directly related to the key words or phrases that your site serves.
  • Keep content fresh by changing it frequently.
  • Foster an online presence for your site by getting involved with blogs, forum sites and other social media.
  • Make sure that the coding in your site is up to date and get rid of any old code that isn’t doing anything any more.

Follow these rules and you’ll see the benefits of SEO come flooding in. The work is hard but the reward, for a small business, is dominance of a profitable niche. The fact that you can learn how to SEO makes the enterprise cost effective in the long term: rather than paying for adverts, which have a single chance to make a return on their investment, you’ll be learning useful techniques every time you engage in SEO tactics. You can use those techniques again.

What is SEO? Your chance to make the most of your web marketing budget. Optimising for search engine spiders means making it user friendly to people as well as search engine spiders. As your site becomes better optimised it will become easier to use. As it gets easier to use, it becomes more attractive to search engines.

Organic SEO will also help you to develop an online presence way beyond the boundaries of your site. You can create whole communities based around mutual linking, blog commenting and recommendation. As the Net moves rapidly into an incarnation where crowds of end users are responsible for more site referrals than search engine results pages, organic SEO allows you to become part of a community that promotes your products in a natural way.

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