Using Blogs for SEO

As a small business owner hoping to increase your marketing value and sales online, you may have already added a blog to your existing website by now. If you haven’t, then incorporating a blog into your website is beneficial for several reasons. First of all, it provides value to your customers by giving them useful content and allowing them to get to know your company better, thus improving your credibility. Secondly, and equally as importantly, having a blog on your website provides a great SEO benefit by adding pages and pages of content to your website that you can optimize to be ranked by the search engines.

Blog SEO Benefits

When it comes to the many benefits that you will receive from adding a blog to your website, here are a few of the most important to keep in mind:

  • Fresh Content: Google recognizes blogs as fresh and relevant content, so they will often soar to the top of the search engine results. This is an amazing blog SEO benefit since you can create posts related to your niche or business that also contain your targeted keywords in the title and tags; these posts will temporarily rank high in the search engine results, making it much easier for customers to find you. When you blog on a regular basis, you will continually benefit from these temporary surges in rankings to dramatically improve your visibility online.
  • Crawlable URLs: In an interesting post by Lee Odden, he clearly explains that most blogging platforms have a very simple URL structure so that it is easy for them to be found and crawled by the search engine spiders. This is exactly what you need to get your blog and website quickly recognized in the eyes of Google!
  • More Internal Links: When you blog about your services, products, or news regarding your company, you have the opportunity to create internal links deep within your blog pointing back to your product pages. This is a beneficial and savvy method of ranking long tail keywords and ensuring that multiple product pages receive inbound links within your website.
  • Link Magnet: Keep in mind that most blogs commonly link to one another, which you may not often find from website to website within your competition. Blogs are a quick source of relevant news, so it is likely that another blog in your niche will link to your content if you are posting valuable and news-worthy information. This is an exceptional way to not only offer something of value to your reader to attract them to come back to your website again and again, but it will also guarantee that your links will build exponentially once other blogs in your niche start linking to you.
  • Cultivate a Following: An important part of successful SEO is to get your readers to do the work for you, which can be done by creating a forum. Forum SEO is best achieved by encouraging an active community, where readers will leave comments, submit threads, and link to valuable information. Not only will this forum SEO tactic continue to draw more visitors by building a legitimate online community, but these visitors will then reference and link back to your forum as an authority and helpful source of information, building link upon link upon link for you.

If you weren’t convinced before about the value of using blogs for SEO, we hope that the choice is now clear to you. If you feel intimidated whatsoever at the idea of blogging regularly, using a platform like WordPress will make the process entirely simple. WordPress SEO provides the same benefits that we mentioned above, and it is also user-friendly in its interface. On top of that, perhaps one of the greatest benefits of using WordPress SEO blogging is that it is an inexpensive, easy, and fast way to post content for your customers and encourage people to visit your website. It’s as simple as that.

The point of the matter is to stay committed to blogging if you want to see long-term results in improving your rankings online. For help and guidance with any of the above blogging tactics, please contact Bullseye Media today to create your own blogging strategy to radically improve your rankings online! This is an opportunity that you don’t want to miss…