Link Building for SEO

By now, you may have already discovered that SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimization, is a necessary and even vital part of marketing and enhancing the visibility of your small business online. The truth is that when SEO is used correctly, it has the power to level the playing field so that even the smallest online business has the opportunity to compete with large and already established corporate companies.

So how is this done?

The foundational concepts of SEO are based upon link building, although the value, purpose, and use of an SEO link has changed radically over the past several years. Search engine optimization was actually born in the mid-90s [1], where early websites were able to naturally improve their search engine rankings based upon the amount of links they had going back to their website. In layman’s terms, a link is seen in the eyes of Google as a “vote” going from one website to another, so the more votes that you have, the higher that your website will rank naturally so that it automatically becomes more visible to customers interested in your products. Do you see how simple this is?

However, it is important to understand that Google is continually tweaking and changing their algorithm so that the link building UK methods that were once effective to gain an SEO link and improve rankings for a website no longer have the power and potency that they once did. Still, all hope is not lost, but as an online business today, especially as a small company starting out, it is critical that you are savvy and up-to-date in all of your link building strategies so that you can trust that every link going back to your website is worthwhile and productive to improve your rankings.

Modern Link Building UK Methods

Several years ago, a website would have been able to shoot to the top of the search engine rankings for their optimised keywords simply by writing a few articles and submitting them to article directories with links in the resource box, purchasing links from another website, or becoming a part of a link farm. Today, submitting articles to directories does not provide the instant results that it once did, and tactics like buying links and link farming can get you in trouble so that you are actually penalised by Google. This is something that you want to avoid at all costs!

Instead, small businesses today can succeed and see their search engine rankings rise through using modern methods of link building, including the professional help of one way link building services. One fact that cannot be overlooked in today’s world of SEO is that content is king, so providing valuable content and information online is one of the only sure ways to guarantee that you will build effective and lasting links back to your website to improve your rankings. How can this be done, you ask?

Here are a few modern link building methods to consider for your small business:

  • Guest Blogging: Today, any person with a computer can and probably has submitted articles linking back to their website to article directories like Ezine. That is not to say that these articles don’t serve a purpose, but to take it to the next level, you must begin to network and reach out to bloggers in your industry who own popular blogs with a high PageRank. This will enable you to write or outsource a quality guest blog post with an author link going back to your website, which will stay on the guest blog permanently so that the link will only increase in value as time goes on. Simply brilliant.
  • Create Hot Content: Social bookmarking websites like Digg and StumbleUpon are more popular than ever, which is yet another reason why you must put exceptional effort into the content that you create both on and off your website. If you are writing about relevant, in demand, and current topics on your website or blog, it is highly likely that it will be linked to, passed around, circulated, and bookmarked. This process in itself brings multiple valuable links back to your website, further solidifying your search engine rankings.
  • Comment on Forums: As a word of caution, commenting on forums is something that can be easily misconstrued as spam when done incorrectly. To gain effective links from forum commenting, you need to walk a delicate SEO tight rope that will ultimately build you very powerful links back to your website when your comments are authentic, valuable, and relevant to the forum. You may have sensed a trend by now that articles, comments, blog posts, and web content must be valuable and informative to the reader in order for you to be rewarded with a link. Spam no longer works for SEO! Take the time to join a forum related to your niche (or outsource this task), get involved, get to know people, and make relevant comments in the community. This will provide a dual benefit by establishing yourself as an authority in your niche while also using your website link in your signature box to build valuable backlinks from your contributions to the forum community.

The truth is that these modern link building methods are only the tip of the iceberg if you hope to soar to the top of the search engine rankings within your niche market. If you feel that you need professional help with any or all of the above tactics, contact Bullseye Media today for our expert one way link building services to offer the trusted guidance and insight you need in your SEO business plan!

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