How to acquire high SE ranking

To achieve higher search engine rankings you need to pay attention to the internal and external aspects of your site: its design, and the way that it appears in the wider community of the web. High search engine ranking optimisation aims to extract anything in your site that marks its chances of being indexed by search engine spiders. If you’re going to do this you need to know where to start. An SEO ranking report is an ideal jump off point both for achieving better search engine rankings and for streamlining the performance of your site.

The overall aim of the search engine spiders is to work out how well your site performs when a person uses it. The spiders want to know: what the pages on your site are about, so the engine can work out if your site is relevant to its query; and how easy it is for a person to understand and use it when they are there. To achieve higher search engine rankings you need to make both of these things obvious to the spiders. If your site is obscured by old code, or by unclear heading and tags structure, the spiders will assume that, as they can’t understand it, neither can your users.

High search engine ranking optimisation wants your site to include good things as well as get rid of the bad ones. Use WordPress to get the regular attention of search engines by adding new blog posts three to six times per week. WordPress will let the search engines know that your site has changed and they’ll come looking. Make the most of everything you have: use descriptive ALT tags on all your images and consider re-loading those images regularly, or changing them.

The SEO ranking report will give you an idea of areas where your site is falling short of the mark. Use it in tandem with keyword competition analysis to pinpoint areas where your business may be able to exploit a niche. Pay attention to the design of your site too. Use a simple navigational structure and a template design that allows you to inject constantly changing content relevant to all of your keywords and phrases.

Remember that your site is intended for use by people. Include content that people find appealing – media content is very popular now, so use movie clips and viral ads. If you can get people to talk about something that is on your site, and forward that link to all their friends then you’ll get higher search engine rankings by default. Flash games are useful too. The key with games and movie clips is the same as in traditional link baiting. Find something that is controversial or off the wall without being offensive and people will talk about it all over the net.

An excellent high search engine ranking optimisation trick is to create separate web pages and have them talk about your products and services. These pages become the focus of an online community that talks about you and links to you in a natural fashion.

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