How Does Google Page Rank Impact the SEO of Your Website?

One dictating factor in your overall search engine optimisation campaign is Google’s Page Rank, used to reflect the authority of a website based on a scale from 0 to 10.

Initially, Page Rank was set in place by Google when search engines were first developed to measure the authority of a specific website. However, Page Rank has change dramatically in the modern world of search engine optimisation to become much more complicated, yet it still impacts the overall rankings of your website today.

What Is Page Rank?

To determine the Page Rank of your website, it can be seen in the Google Toolbar, which is a small green bar showing a ranking from 0 to 10. A ranking of zero is a blank bar, and a ranking of 10 is a full green bar showing that a website has 100% authority. To give you an example, Google has a Page Rank of 10. Page Rank is an estimation of authority set in place by Google and is normally updated roughly every three months.

What Does Page Rank Impact?

Nowadays, many search engines use Page Rank as a part of their search engine optimisation algorithms. Besides the search engines, SEO experts, webmasters, and Internet marketers will often view the Page Rank of a website to determine its value and worth.

At one time, Page Rank was the most important factor to dictate the rankings of a website. However, many webmasters today using black hat SEO tactics have found ways to manipulate their Page Rank to boost their authority. Thus, these sites became more authoritative than they deserved to be in the eyes of Google, so Google continues to alter their Page Rank strategy and decrease its importance.

This is precisely why Google has chosen to update their Page Rank quarterly instead of every week. This makes it difficult for webmasters to know the actual Page Rank of their website. This is also a tactic that is used to prevent websites with high Page Rank from selling links to other websites in the hopes of boosting their search engine rankings.

While Page Rank is an important piece of the puzzle that reflects the authority of your website, it is only that – a reflection. The important thing to do is to develop a successful SEO strategy using both on-page and off-page SEO techniques to boost the overall rankings of your website.

When you begin to optimise your website and publish quality content online, it will naturally increase the back links to your website as a result. The more links that you have pointing to your website, the more authoritative that you will become in the eyes of Google. This natural authority will build the value of your website and increase your Page Rank accordingly.

Your Page Rank can be used to measure the value of your website that you have created through your search engine optimisation strategy. When you build a quality website with exceptional content, then it will naturally draw others to link back to it and boost your search engine rankings. These accumulated links will continue to improve the value and authority of your website so that your Page Rank consequently increases.

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