Benefits of using SEO 2.0

SEO 2.0 is a reflection of the “evolution” of the web to Internet 2.0. Web 2.0, a term first coined by O’Reilly Media in their 2004 conference of the same name, describes the ideas that the way the Internet works has changed, from a top down hierarchy where users got site names from search engines to a bottom up model where the end user is king or queen.

Using a 2.0 friendly version of search engine optimisation allows you to take advantage of the communal nature of the web. In SEO 2.0 you foster relationships, rather than competition. So if you sell meat and someone else sells vegetables, you can talk about their site, comment on their blogs, link to their blogs from your own. They do the same for you and all the traffic that is looking for meat gets interested in veg too.

Internet 2.0 is made up of social media websites, networks and blogs. Where SEO used to target search engines directly, looking to them as the gateway to your site, SEO 2.0 goes for the blogs and the social media: the places where people meet and talk and recommend sites to each other. More people tend to follow links they find in social media than they do from search engine results pages. The 2.0 version of SEO lets you connect with these people directly.

Clearly the most obvious benefit of optimising for Web 2.0 is that you are working with the natural flow of the Internet. The web has changed, so your online marketing needs to change.

By optimising for Internet 2.0 you join a throng of people trying to help each other. In 2.0 SEO you give people links because you like their product or their blog. You don’t expect anything back: but you will find that you tend to get more links when you start behaving in this way.

The idea works across the board. People in the online communities you create or join will actively promote your products in forums and posts. Other people’s sites will link to yours, if you sell something that complements what the site is about.

Search engines will give your site more weight in their results pages too. The algorithms of search engines are increasingly leaning towards social media presence. The search engine spiders are trying to index you in terms of your status in an online community. So when you start using 2.0 SEO tactics, you find that you get recommended by all the people in the social media sphere: and you also achieve high page returns on traditional search engine queries.

You’ll get natural links, instead of unnatural ones. Your site traffic will be coming through to any page on your site that has been recommended to them. That means your site has as many doors as it has pages. You’ll get access to the pre-existing traffic that comes through the sites of fellow webmasters, when you join their communities.

Think of Web 2.0 as the return of the high street. Rather than competing with thousands of websites that all sell the same thing as you, you are creating a nuclear community that people will come to in order to get everything they need. The old Internet was all about selling stuff in a marketplace as wide as the world. That doesn’t work. You’re now selling your product in a marketplace that you and your fellow webmasters have created.

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