Off Page SEO

Off-page SEO can often seem intimidating and complex as a new business starting out online, but it doesn’t have to be…

When used correctly and effectively, off-page SEO strategies can provide valuable and authoritative links going back to your website to make it easy for your customers to find you and even easier for search engines to index your website again and again. If you want any hope of achieving valuable and long-lasting search engine rankings, then off-page links going back to your website are nonnegotiable in your SEO campaign.

  • Here are a few important principles to get you started…Behold the power of the blog. One of the most effective ways to promote your website is through blogging regularly to create unique and fresh content for your customers and the search engines. Blogs are often much easier to optimise for the search engines, and they are frequently crawled to link back to your website.

In addition, when you blog regularly, you will create page upon page of content attached to your website, which will often temporarily rise to the top of the search engine rankings since Google favors blogs as fresh and hot content.

  • Create valuable links with article marketing. Content is one of the driving forces of the Internet, and writing valuable content that links back to your website will appeal both to the search engines and to your customers.

Customers are constantly searching for answers through informative content online; if you write quality articles relating to your niche and post them to article directories, you will automatically market to your customers and also gain a valuable link going back to your website to improve your search engine rankings. Make sure to include relevant keywords and links within your articles to improve optimisation.

  • Become a part of a community. One of the greatest defining factors of off-page SEO is the ability to reach out to your customers through the social aspects of the web. Within arenas like forums, you have the opportunity to discuss and relate to your customers one-on-one, where you are often rewarded with a valuable link going back to your website in your signature box.

The key to your success in joining a forum is to be genuine, relevant, and provide valuable information. If you join a forum for the sole purpose of linking back to your website, the odds are that you will be quickly banned for spamming if you do not provide significant and helpful content to the community.

  • Focus on authority. As you create valuable content and publish it yourself online, your hope will be to have it picked up by other important websites to provide more links back to your website. When you publish high-quality and informative articles, the potential for exponential links is huge.

In addition, you can take advantage of blogging opportunities by offering to write guest blogs for websites within your niche that have authority. When you write a guest blog that is posted to an authoritative blog with a link going back to your website, this link is seen as more valuable in the eyes of Google to provide even more power in your search engine rankings.

As an added bonus, guest blogging in this manner will also effectively market your website based upon the content that you publish to reach out to readers interested in your niche and potentially bring them to your website to purchase your products or services.

If there is one common theme within the many off-page search engine optimisation strategies listed above, it is that there is no match for exceptional content published online. If you want any hope of accumulating valuable and long-term links going back to your website, you cannot make the mistake of publishing pointless, filler content that only a search engine robot would want to read.

However, when you take it to the next level and appeal to both your customers and the search engines, it is highly likely that your content will be circulated, reposted, and linked to again and again to provide exceptional results in your overall search engine campaign.

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