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SEO audits are often a must as you begin to evaluate performance from every aspect. They can not only identify where your campaign is failing, but they can also help you spot the unique things you’re Read more »

Google changed the way many think about the internet, and these days, when Google does something, almost everyone notices. Businesses work to decide how they can best use the change to their Read more »

Creating a Baseline

As soon as you build your website and begin to optimize it for the right keywords, you immediately begin to wonder how it’s performing, and creating an initial baseline is a must to further your Read more »

Search engines can make or break your business. After all, if customers can’t find you online, they may turn to your competitor for services or products. With Google growing, Bing trying to catch up, Read more »

The Buzz on Google Buzz

First there was Facebook and MySpace. Then came Twitter. Now Google, the monolith that continues to grow, has developed Google Buzz. It is an interesting mix, utilising the sharing abilities of Read more »

In the mid-nineties, Google didn’t even rank on the list of search engines everyone cared about. Netscape Navigator, Alta Vista, and InfoSeek were once some of the biggest names in the industry, but Read more »

Despite the flood of Twitter, the constant shifting of the biggest search engine ever, Google, and the advent of newer concepts such as iPhone applications, many big companies still fail to recognize Read more »

AP Style out of Style?

Since 1953, the Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law has been telling American journalists whether they should put a comma before a conjunction (AP says no) or whether it is “Web Read more »

Getting more traffic to your website depends on many different factors, but one of the most important factors is SEO. When your website comes up first and foremost in searches, especially on the Read more »

Quite simply, anchor text is the group of words that are hyperlinked on your webpage. In this sentence, for instance, we could hyperlink “anchor text” and direct readers to a site with more Read more »

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