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SEO And The Recession

The Great Recession, as the economic downturn of 2007 – 2010 has been dubbed, cost millions of people their jobs, millions their homes, and millions more a sense of security. Amid the dreary Read more »

Today there exist a lot of magazines that put youtube links in every article in their print. It’s a wonderful way to mix different media and employ methods to promote online marketing. Read more »

Google Social Search

Google’s latest search tool, Social Search, marks an effort to keep up with the way people search and the importance they place on various types of media. In the Sociale Search model, priority is Read more »

Search marketers are mostly used to seeing things from a single perspective, that of a search marketer. The more experienced marketers have learnt to look at things from the perspective of their end Read more »

Google may have a virtual monopoly on the search engine market at 65 percent, but the search giant has admitted in a recent 49 page document that their SEO needs a bit of work. The report is Read more »

The True Value Of SEO

The ongoing argument around SEO’s complexity or lack thereof is quite amusing. On the one side of the argument people claim that SEO is not so hard to get the hang of, that it doesn’t make much Read more »


Microsoft’s little engine, Bing, is quietly gaining market share and has posted its biggest gain ever in February of this year. While Google still has a strong hold on 65.2 percent of the market, Read more »

Building E-commerce applications for Web sites may take loads of time and require patience on the part of the customers, waiting for their “new money-making toy”. The outcome of such a project can Read more »

Black Hat SEO

SEO is an invaluable business tool, and cybercriminals are finding that optimization is quite helpful in their line of work as well. Using trending news and current events as their vehicles, these cybercriminals are unleashing malicious software onto unsuspecting computer users. Read more »

The world’s most popular search engine Google has a very useful service called Google Image Search which helps users search the Web for image content by generating Read more »

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