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SEO in the Apple Age

Saturday, April 3 saw the launch of Apple’s newest foray into the unknown, the tablet computer iPad.: Apple is hoping for a repeat of their success with the iPhone and wants to convince people that Read more »

Organic Search Engine Optimization can be thought of as a marketing term for the logic development of a website. As a rule organic SEO allows a website to own the top spots of the major search Read more »

SEO in a Facebook World

Earlier this month, Facebook surpassed Google as the most visited site online for the first time.  The slight edge that Facebook held for the week ending March 13 underscored the importance of Read more »

Optimizing for YouTube

There are, according to some estimates, as many as 120 million videos on YouTube, with 220,000 being uploaded daily.  These statistics underscore the tremendous importance of optimizing your Read more »

As the effects of the so-called “Great Recession” linger, businesses are making cuts across the board – almost.  Search engine optimization is one area that businesses are not only maintaining Read more »

How can really SEO benefit from such offline campaigns as TV? The concept that SEO campaigns are solely about link-building and media optimization (on-and off-site investment) seems to be too narrow. Read more »

March Madness descends each year on the United States, and suddenly everyone is a basketball fan.  This year’s field of 64 teams has been whittled down to just four, one of whom is West Read more »

SEOn Trial

Beware of people selling the secret of saving money. If they cared for your bank account, wouldn’t they altruistically offer their sage advice? While financial advice is indeed a valuable commodity, Read more »

Google is facing some pretty tough competition, and not from Yahoo! or Bing either.  The search engine giant was surpassed in traffic this week by social media site, Facebook for the first time. Read more »

If Foursquare is more than Yahoo can afford, then it might as well purchase something else that presents something similar to the location-based mobile social network. And that’s what Yahoo just did. Read more »

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