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While a recent survey by Experian Hitwise found that Facebook advertising presence translated into actual profit for UK businesses, one of the main benefits of Facebook and other social media sites is the increased exposure to consumers and the opportunity to interact and engage with a target audience. A survey from Social Media Examiner found that 88 percent of marketers say increased exposure was the number one advantage. How do you make sure that exposure is positive and conductive to your business goals? Read more »

One of the issues in the early days of Facebook for businesses (the “early days” being last year or so) was that while it allowed a forum through which to interact with customers, it didn’t drive Read more »

SEO for Bloggers

One of the most common pieces of advice businesses receive is to start a blog. This will help boost their online visibility and it will create a forum through which they can interact with their Read more »

Microsoft’s Bing is enjoying its role as the little engine that could, the underdog, the little search engine that is taking on the giant. However one describes Bing, it is true that they are inching Read more »

SEO Dos and Don’ts

SEO dos and don’ts rather depend on the day. The field is continuously shifting, and today’s white hat techniques are sometimes tomorrow’s black hat no-no’s. It has always been good strategy, however, to provide quality content and keep your focus tight and concentrated. The following tactics deal with just this.

The first issue deals with content and domains. Read more »

Think of your favorite viral video. Now think about who made it. Chances are that they were shot and uploaded by amateurs. There are, of course, successful branded viral videos, but something in the Read more »

Google’s mandate is to make search quicker, easier, and more relevant for users. This explains why the world’s largest search engine developed “rich snippets,” which would allow webmasters to markup Read more »

It’ not often that you will find the top three search engines agreeing on anything – besides agreeing that they are the best. Bing, Yahoo, and Google, though, put competition aside for a brief moment Read more »

You have a tremendous opportunity contained with 140 characters or a few lines of text; making the most of it helps with branding, traffic, sales, exposure, and in building your authority in a given Read more »

Stephan Weitz thinks so. He proposes that Google is stuck in the 90s, much like scrunchies and pogs. Their search model is, according to Bing’s search director, “traditional search is failing.” Read more »

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