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SEO for B2B

The motto for copyrighting and SEO tends to be KISS – keep it short and sweet. Or, if you prefer, keep it simple, stupid. The one exception for both of these domains is when you are speaking to an Read more »

Optimising for Bing

Yes, Google is the dominant search engine. Yes, they do own two-thirds of the search market. And yes, you should consider optimisng for Bing. Bing is quietly picking up ground as searchers turn to Read more »

Social Media for Business

Does every business need social media? No. Does yours? It depends. If you own or manage any type of consumer-driven, retail business, you need to be taking advantage of social media. It is not that Read more »

The UK has more mobile phones than residents; more than 82 percent of the country has internet access. What do these two facts have in common with each other? In the next five years, mobile internet Read more »

Business Insider had an interesting article on the impact of social media on businesses.  According to Marco Pacelli, “There’s no denying that social media has revolutionized the way companies Read more »

Just when you finished optimising your content, finished modifying your site for mobile, and wrapped up your latest blog posts; just when you thought you’d covered your SEO bases – Google introduces Read more »

Google’s +1

You can like it; you can tweet it; you can digg it. Now you can +1 it. Google’s answer to the ubiquitous thumbs-up icon from Facebook, the +1 seeks to leverage the social media revolution. According Read more »

Yahoo increasingly seems like the past of search, but they are hoping to turn this image around with the launch of Search Direct. Touted as the “future of search” by Yahoo, Search Direct brings Read more »

Privacy? What’s that? If you thought Facebook and Twitter were effective in stripping away net anonymity, you will be amazed at what Color can do. The new photo sharing app, developed for both iPhone Read more »

Local Search SEO

Two of the biggest trends in search are mobile and local, and they are inextricably linked.  As mobile use continues to swell, search behavior tends to become more concentrated.  Searchers Read more »

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