SEO iPhone Apps

Since the release of the iPhone, app development seems to be the focus of many businesses and brands. Company after company has spent hours in development, hoping customers will use their apps, thus enhancing their brand’s image. Along with this surge in apps, though, has come a bit of keyword research in an entirely different arena – the App Store.

Keywords are Important Here Too?

Adding specific keywords to the App Store’s search engine feature helps consumers to find apps more quickly, and as apps are continually added, the keyword placement is becoming increasingly important. By essentially ‘stuffing’ the description with as many keywords as possible, the app shows up higher on the search list, allowing more people to find it immediately.

Sound familiar? That’s probably because in the early days of search engine rankings, site developers did the same thing. Unfortunately, the prospect of keyword stuffed app descriptions has brought on some of the same controversies keyword stuffed websites did. iPhone users looking for an app they’ll love instantly find themselves with a list of wholly unrelated choices, and while Apple is beginning to address the issue, the change simply can’t come soon enough for App shoppers everywhere.

If your business is developing an app, your best bet is to find the right keywords to add to your description and stop there. Adding additional, unrelated terms may increase the number of people who view your app, but it may also brand you as one of the many unethical keyword stuffers and frustrate iPhone users.

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