SEO: Establish Your Expertise

Website owners usually think of SEO in terms of the technical tips and tricks that can help search engines find them.  While this is an important aspect, the key to drawing, and keeping, quality traffic is offering authentic, original, relevant, and valuable content.  If it is not initial traffic, it is not going to convert; and, with new search algorithm changes, you will find it more difficult to reach them at all.  One of the best ways you can ensure quality is to become an expert on your topic.  How can you establish your expertise?

Make it readable. Regardless of your area of expertise, make your content easy to read.  Sites are tending to more simple aesthetics, so you really want to pay attention to keeping your site uncluttered.  Break text into manageable chunks, use subheadings, bullets, and carefully selected infographics.

Narrow in on your niche.  If you are an expert in diabetic nutrition and recipes, for instance, narrow in on that.  It will help you stand out from more general “experts” and will make it easier to find you via keywords.  Have a bank of articles on that subject or related subjects.

Target keywords.  Make sure people will find your niche by carefully selecting keywords.  Targeted long-term keywords often have less competition than more general terms.  Take a little time to do some initial research and see what people are searching for. Balance this against the competition for those terms.

Use links strategically.  Link to quality pieces that are helpful to your readers. To use our example again, if you are writing nutrition advice for diabetics, you could link to a respected medical website or a site with nutritious recipes.  Check which sites are linking back to you as well.  You can also link back to articles or posts within your site, but do not go overboard with this.

Post as needed.

Post only as you need to say something. Sometimes, especially with social media, people feel it’s publish or perish.  But this can lead to lower quality, irrelevant, repetitious, or simply useless content.  It is often more effective to post less frequently but with higher quality content.

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