SEO and Your Company’s Blog

As most business owners know, blogs were initially used as communication tools. The goal was to target people, gain readers, and offer serious information for the masses or simply tidbits of life. Over the years though, they have changed. While many companies use blogs to offer information, many more use them to enhance SEO rankings. Wondering if it actually works? You’re not alone.

Does It Help?

In some cases, absolutely. Search engines have a tendency to favour blogs because they’re constantly updated. Unfortunately, many seem to have the opinion that their blog can be the only way to work on SEO results, and that’s simply not the case. Because blogs aren’t a single bullet solution for SEO, it doesn’t mean you need to halt all use of keywords and other SEO techniques when it comes to your blog. The key is to avoid overloading blogs and stressing over each and every word choice. By using good titles, including relevant information that will keep readers coming back, and a handful of keywords, your blog can offer some help to your main business. There is just no need to rely upon it fully.

A Few Tips

If you like blogging and it works for your company, there’s little reason why you shouldn’t use it to enhance your SEO campaign. While it, like many other SEO projects, begins with good keyword research, it also has another starting place – useful content. Blogs should be a reflection upon your site and your interests, informing or helping people as opposed to merely advertising and showering them with keywords. Use a blog for its true purpose, and you will earn subscribers and people that continue to come back and perhaps even spread the word. These tips may help too.

  • Use descriptive, keyword rich post titles.
  • Use the right keywords throughout your content, remaining mindful that content truly is king when it comes to the blog.
  • Don’t be stingy about your use of links, particularly when the content is useful to readers.
  • Keeping trying, and remain aware of your blog’s analytics.

When it comes to SEO, we’re here to help you improve. If you want to make your site or your blog even better, contact us.

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