SEO And The Recession

The Great Recession, as the economic downturn of 2007 – 2010 has been dubbed, cost millions of people their jobs, millions their homes, and millions more a sense of security. Amid the dreary news, however, is a bright spot; even as businesses around the world have had to slash their budgets, they have turned to online marketing and sales campaigns in place of traditional media.

This has created an increasing demand for quality SEO.

The attraction of internet sales and marketing has grown because businesses become accessible anytime, anywhere, and they do it in a more cost-effective way than has been the case in the past. Search engine optimization plays a key role in the efficacy of any campaign: it is not enough to be there, people have to know you’re there.

A survey compiled by e-Consultancy found that 55 percent of respondents planned to spend more on SEO in 2010 than they did in 2009. Only six percent said they would spend less.  PPC spending is also expected to increase in the coming year.  This increase in SEO budgeting is made in an effort to keep pace with the rise of online consumerism.

SEO marketing expert Kevin Lee made the point in 2008 that as consumers cut back on spending, the quality of each search will become much more important for businesses.  “Fewer commercial searches could result in fewer clicks to be purchased, meaning you and your competition will be fighting over a smaller group of searchers. But online shopping could be seen as a discount shopping channel that drives shoppers online at a faster rate than previously expected.”  It is crucial, then, to rank highly so consumers find you quickly. 

As the importance of SEO becomes more apparent, it is vital that businesses seek out high-quality optimization, instead of new, and self-described, “experts.”

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