SEO and the Housing Market

Search engine optimisation has proven itself to be an invaluable tool for retail businesses during the economic downswing. These businesses, particularly small and medium enterprises, report strong 

sales, and especially strong online sales from their consumers.

But retail is not the only sector that is being helped by solid SEO strategies. Mortgage lenders and title companies are hoping that SEO can help drive some business their way despite the weakened state of the housing market.

Mortgage lenders are increasingly interested in using SEO to reach real estate agents who need to finance their clients. RISMedia, a real estate information systems site, reports that one real estate agent remarked, “We need more than coffee and donuts from mortgage and title companies if they want our business.” MLS SEO may be that extra touch that both realtors and lenders need to connect in a reciprocal business relationship. MLS refers to the multiple listing service that realtors use to access listings.

The idea behind this is that title companies can provide realtors with home buyer leads. A company in the US did this by setting up a “Super Site,” listing Phoenix and 300 other local community properties. Local agents hustled to secure areas of the website for buyer leads. The title company benefits by creating a base of loyal local agents that will turn to them for mortgages and financing because of the leads. It is a reciprocal partnership, and one that benefits both parties enormously. The benefit of MLS SEO is that you can list or search properties that are not necessarily on MLS listings and reach far more potential customers.

The key to successful SEO for realtors and title holders, as well as for other businesses, is to use targeted long-tail keyword phrases.  Seventy percent of real estate searches involve these long-tail keywords, and you can more effectively target potential buyers.

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