Selecting the Right Hosting Company to Facilitate Your SEO Efforts

The success of your website or blog is in no small part dependant on your hosting provider, because at its base every web site has a host server. The grand objective of everything you do for your website is to draw Web traffic to it. In the end the revenue produced by your website is predetermined by the number of users visiting it.

If the content on your website or blog is really interesting for readers and you need to direct network traffic to it, SEO is still the best way to do it. But before you begin you need to make sure you’ve chosen a trustworthy hosting company and the right package, because it can greatly affect the work done by your SEO. Even the SEO professionals will hardly be able to produce a decent amount of traffic if the wrong hosting provider is chosen. There are millions of websites these days and it is crucial to stand out having a better website performance.

As far as web hosting is concerned there are a number of issues to be kept in mind when starting a new website or an SEO campaign.

Geo – Targeting

Always bear geo-targeting in mind when selecting a web hosting company.
You may get millions of visits to your website and yet fail to make good money, because you’ve overlooked geo-targeting. You need to choose an eminent hosting provider located in the country you are targeting. Consider your geo-targeting plan on different scales, ranging from the country to region, county (state) and city. Select a hosting provider in the country where most of your readers, and most importantly, customers, are located. This is the major factor to consider when selecting a hosting company for the best SEO results.

IP Address

IP addresses are of great significance for your website’s SEO. The background of the IP address is all-important: if your IP address was used for illegal activity (spamming, phishing, cloaking, etc.) in the past, all top search engines will certainly rank it lower or even delete it from their index. So check your IP for any infringements at Google and other anti-spam services.

Network Neighbourhoods

Although considered an old and even obsolete feature your website neighbourhood is not to be neglected, because it still counts for SEO. If, apart from your site, your IP is hosting indecent sites, it can adversely affect your website’s ranking. Well, there isn’t much you can do as you cannot choose your neighbours, but going with a respectable hosting company that follows a strict policy against hackers and spammers will ensure that your site is safe.

Service Reputation

Select a hosting provider that has the best reputation and steers clear of spammers, phishers and hackers. Look through the online reviews of the best hosting companies, there are hundreds of them nowadays, and go with the best one to suit your particular needs. The general rule of thumb here is the more cautious you are at the outset, the more successful your website will be in the future.

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