Search Engine Roundup

It comes as no surprise that Google has retained its first place position in the search engine field for the month of September. comScore released the monthly figures, and search giant Google 

processed 66.1 percent of the searches conducted in the United States.
This is up from 64.5 in August. The newly formed Yahoo/Bing partnership saw a decline of 1.07, putting its share of the market at 16.7 percent.  Also included in comScore’s monthly report:

September saw more than 16 billion core searches. Google handled 10.6 billion of these, Yahoo 2.7 billion, Microsoft 1.8 billion, Ask 593 million, and AOL 362 million.

Experts expect October and November numbers to more indicative of long-term search trends.  September numbers do not reflect the full force of changes made to both Yahoo and Google.  Yahoo searches are now powered by Bing, and Google launched Instant, their predictive search option.  In addition, Bing will start to incorporate social media results into SERPs as part of Microsoft’s new partnership with Facebook.

The Bing/Facebook partnership would work, according to Business Insider, as follows:

“If you’re looking for a steak house in San Francisco, Bing wil be able to look at your friends’ likes and dislikes to rank certain restaurants higher or lower.

Same thing with videos: a video that a lot of your friends have posted will show up higher in Bing results than a video that hasn’t.”

Microsoft online executive Qi Lu says, “By Facebook and Bing working together, that experience (of search) will be vastly better,” and that the partnership is “the start of a journey taking today’s search experience to the next level.”

Senior analyst for research firm Gartner, Whit Andrews, says, “This is really important in my opinion.  The incorporation of tribal affiliations, friendships and personal affinity into search results carries the potential for a significant leap forward.”

Microsoft hopes it is also a leap towards changing not only how people search, but also with whom.

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